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Operational Leasing

A Full Service Lease (FSL) contract with Avis will help your company to manage the car expenses and to save money. Furthermore, the advantage of the Avis FSL service comparing to other forms of leasing is that, you save time that you would otherwise spend on solving various car-related problems. The choice of services included in the Full Service Lease package is tailor-made according to the each customer’s needs. Our customer can acquire a vehicle precisely when they need it, use it, and pay for it over an extended period of time. After the termination of the contract, they can choose the optimal option between returning or purchasing the vehicle or extending the contract with new vehicle.

It should be said that, Avis FSL monthly payment is equal to or lower than your actual expenses in the case of other forms of car lease. But in the case of the normal car lease, one needs to register, insure the vehicle and visit the technical service. Furthermore, if an accident should occur, one would have to spend several days communicating with the insurance companies and finding bargains for repair works. Whereas AVIS Full Service Lease takes away the headache from all the above mentioned problems.

The advantages of FSL are the following:

Our clients get one VAT invoice every month.

Our clients do not pay the down-payment, but only the rate of leasing.

The client is not obliged to buy the car at the end of the contract. He may choose to return the car, prolong the contract or buy the car if he wants to.

The motto of Full Service Lease is that, we just give the key of the car to the client and take care of the rest. For 24/7 AVIS Albania has a dedicated Operation Leasing team.

In the monthly price of Full Service Lease is included:

Casco insurance (including own vehicle collision damage and theft protection)

Accident insurance

Third party liability insurance

Loss adjustment and communication with the insurance company

Regular maintenance service (oil, filter, etc)

Best value for money repair works

Free replacement of the vehicle during maintenance

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