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Fuel Options

Save time with Fuel Up Front

When you collect your Avis hire car it will have a full tank of petrol. Return it with a full tank after your trip and there’s nothing to pay.

To take the hassle out of refuelling, we also offer other fuel options. You can choose Fuel Up Front and order a full tank of petrol or diesel before you go at the average market pump price. Or, you can take advantage of EZ Fuel, which suits shorter journeys.

You can order Fuel Up Front when you book online. (Fuel Up Front can be found in “Recommended Extras”.)

You can also call our reservations line to book a car with Fuel Up Front, or ask for it at one of our hire locations.

Read on to see which Avis fuel option works best for you.

Fuel options from Avis

Bring Back Full
No charge – even if you took the Fuel Up Front or EZ Fuel options below when you picked up your car.

Fuel Up Front
Buy a full tank of fuel upfront – at the average market pump price – so you don’t have to refuel when you return.

EZ Fuel
Driving for 75 miles (120km) or less? For a pre-paid flat fee, Avis will take care of the refuelling.

Pay On Return

If you haven’t got time to refuel and haven’t taken Fuel Up Front, we can do it for you. But this is the most expensive option.

The small print

  • When you pick up your vehicle from an Avis hire station, our rental sales agent will explain the options to you and arrange the one which best suits your requirements.
  • With Fuel Up Front, no refund is given for any unused fuel unless you Bring Back Full. If you return your car with a partially full tank you will not be entitled to a refund.
  • For Pay On Return, the price includes both the cost of the fuel and a re-fuelling service surcharge, but you will only pay for the litres of fuel you use. (Check with a member of staff when collecting your hire car to confirm what the charges will be.)
  • With EZ Fuel Avis will refuel your vehicle for only €12 plus VAT if you have travelled 75 miles/120km or less. If you fill up anyway, bring the receipt when you drop the vehicle off and we’ll refund this fee.
  • Prices quoted are for rentals collected from “Standard” locations. Rentals from “Premium” locations will be higher. Please check the prices during the booking process.
  • For rentals in Cyprus, drivers who wish to Bring Back Full (with no extra charge) must produce a receipt from a petrol station within a 10km (6.2-mile) radius of the Avis rental station. If the tank isn’t full, missing fuel is charged at local pump prices and a Refuelling Service Charge of 20.25 euros (inclusing VAT) will be applied. Fuel Up Front is also available in Cyprus.
  • For rentals in Malta and Gozo, all hire cars come loaded with half a tank of fuel. At the rental station drivers can purchase Fuel Up Front (fuel is offered at local pump prices) or Bring Back Half-Full at no extra charge. To Bring Back Half-Full, renters must return the car with a half-tank of fuel (a deposit will be charged at pick-up and deducted once the vehicle is returned refuelling as agreed). If the tank is less than half-full, missing fuel is charged at local pump prices and a Refuelling Service Charge of 25 euros (including VAT) will be applied.

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