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Additional drivers

Share the reins

Only the main driver is covered to drive one of our rental vehicles but any number of additional drivers can be added to your booking.

Additional drivers must stick to all the same terms and conditions as the main driver and are covered under the same rental agreement.

The most important thing to remember: Every driver must bring along their driving licence when the time comes to collect your hire car. We’ll leave you to draw up the driving rota …

How to book an additional driver

Supplementary drivers can be added during the online reservation process. Once you’ve selected your vehicle group, you’ll be asked to “Choose your extras”. Scroll down to the “Additional Driver” box.

Costs for additional drivers vary by location but are quoted during the online booking process.

You can also book an additional driver, or add to an existing booking, via our reservations hotline.

Additional drivers under the age of 25 are subject to a Young Driver Surcharge. Under-25s are also only eligible to drive certain Avis hire cars. These details are made clear during the online booking process, but you can also talk through your requirements on the phone by calling our reservations hotline.


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